Our Leadership Team
  • Stewart Levy

    Founder & CEO

    Stewart Levy’s 30-year healthcare career includes leadership positions in the pharmaceutical industry and health promotion organizations.

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  • Mark Mulray

    Vice President, Operations

    Mark holds a master’s degree in Exercise and Sports Psychology and B.A. in Psychology from Temple University where he focused on health promotion and behavior...

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  • Brittany Angelastro

    Project Manager

    Both personally and professionally, Brittany is passionate about helping others overcome challenges to improve and maintain their health.

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  • Jasmine Reid

    Project Manager

    Jasmine is a dynamic and innovative wellness professional with a proven record in health management.

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Suite of evidence-based tools to provide measurable outcomes.

“{They} accommodate to our needs.  These days everyone is pushing for electronic enrollment or managing business on a device.  We are in manufacturing and they always adjust to our requests, even to have old school paper scheduling.  {They} take personal interest in the well-being of our employees.  They aren’t just a number to them.”

A Personal Interest in the Well-Being of your Employees
Manager, Payroll & Benefits, Carlisle Construction Materials