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Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Biofeedback Key to Managing Employee Emotional Health and Resilience

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Biofeedback Key to Managing Employee Emotional Health and Resilience   One of the most researched and evidence-based tools available for managing health and performance is Heart Rate Variability (HRV) biofeedback training. HRV biofeedback training teaches employees how to self-regulate their emotions which has been shown in over 200 studies to reduce symptoms

Healthwell Solutions Named Exhibitor and Partner at July 2023 National Wellness Institue

HealthWell Solutions is exhibiting and partnering with the National Wellness Institute for their Conference July 19 . We are organizing a special exhibit area for holistic health organizations to demonstrate their innovative products to support employee wellbeing. We are working with NWI to promote proven solutions that focus on functional medicine, integrated health, nutraceuticals, nutritional

IBC Preferred Provider of Wellness Programs and Services

Healthwell Solutions (HWS) has been selected as a preferred provider of wellness programs and services for Independence Blue Cross and Blue Shield of PA ( IBC) employers . HWS will be working with IBC client managers and benefit consultants directly with their employer groups to support their employee wellness needs including: biometric screenings, workshops, health

How AI Digital Motion Tracking Technology Can Be Used To Address Musculoskeletal Health

There has been an explosion of new digital health companies that are tackling the epidemic of rising musculoskeletal costs through Artificial Intelligence (AI) . Some of these new applications can analyze body positions to allow users to perform movement assessment and exercises to support physical therapy, enhance mobility and provide fitness assessments based on 44

Healthwell Solutions Named MFA Partner and Innovation Zone Host at 2022 Annual Conference

HealthWell Solutions is partnering with the Medical Fitness Association to create an Innovation Zone at their annual conference November 16- 18. The Innovation Zone will showcase wearable technology, software and other innovative resources Medical Fitness Centers are utilizing for member health and well-being. Medical fitness centers provide evidence-based, medically integrated programs to help individuals rehabilitate

Biofeedback- A Critical and Missing Component to Employee Wellness

Can you imagine trying to run a race without a clock, play a NFL Game without a scoreboard or lose weight without a scale? One of the proven, but often underutilized strategies for evidence-based corporate wellness programs, is incorporating biofeedback utilizing wearable devices. Specific types of biofeedback such as using Heart Rate Variability,  have been

Join us at NWI 2022

HealthWell Solutions ( HWS) will be a sponsor and exhibitor at the 47th Annual National Wellness Institute (NWI) Conference in Orlando FL June 26- 28, 2022.  HWS will provide Covid Safety and Wellness for the conference. In addition, HWS will provide an interactive exhibit within the NWI Innovation Zone including a number of devices and

What Employers Can Do To Support Sleep Health

What Employers Can Do To Support Sleep Health   Proven and Innovative Solutions to Improve Sleep for Employees According to the CDC 35%, or 41 million workers, report that they routinely do not get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep per night. This is critical, as the impact on employee wellbeing, work productivity, and resultant

Covid Safety and Employee Wellbeing

Covid Safety and Employee Wellbeing  What Employers Should Consider to Keep Employees Healthy While the Presidential OSHA mandate for vaccination and testing was overruled1, the pandemic is still a major health concern for employers. The responsibility is now back to employers to make critical employee safety decisions. Leaders need to assess their culture, risk management,

Immunity Post-COVID

Immunity Post-COVID There is no food or supplement capable of preventing or curing COVID-19. However, nutrition does play a role in bodily defenses against infection. We spoke with Stephanie Biggs, a Registered Dietitian, about thinking about immunity, and how nutrition Post-COVID will be affected. How is nutrition linked to immunity? Nutrition has so much influence

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