Incentive Management, Team Challenges & Competitions

Our Corporate Wellness Incentive Management

HealthWell Solutions excels at managing our clients’ incentive wellness programs through our customized wellness portal and project management team. We will work with your HR team and benefits advisors to customize a plan that fits the needs of your employees.


HealthWell Solutions offers the following services for corporate wellness incentive programs management:

  • Consulting services and collaboration with our benefit consultant partners to guide our clients
  • Customize and manage the wellness incentive programs using new or existing resources
  • Real-time incentive tracking and data reporting for program participation
  • Develop comprehensive and targeted employee communications including program guides, flyers and tutorial videos.


Through our wellness portal, HealthWell Solutions offers numerous fun and engaging Individual and Team Challenges which:

Promote physical activity
Promote healthy habits
Various wellness topics
Build teamwork
Improve morale
Challenges are an effective way to motivate employeescorporate wellness incentive programs management

Our challenges are designed to make it easy for employees to participate, stay focused and motivated. Your employees can assemble their own teams to build camaraderie, or we can organize your teams, locations, and departments to have a quality user experience.

Tracking your Corporate Wellness Incentive Programs

  • Activities can be tracked on a points or dollars value
  • Verified or self-reported tracking
  • Report back to individuals, teams, your payroll/HR department or others
  • Access goals/trackers through “Points Progress” bar on our wellness portal

Rewards are based on the employer requirements and may include prizes, gift cards, recognition, premium incentives, health account deposits or other rewards. Prizes, like gift cards or Fitbit devices, can be distributed directly to your employees after a challenge. At the end of the day, if corporate wellness incentive programs management is a priority, there are many engaging ways to get it accomplished.

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