Health Promotion Solutions is now HealthWell Solutions, LLC

PRINCETON, NJ – Health Promotion Solutions (HPS), a leading population health management company with offices in Princeton, NJ, and Philadelphia, PA changed its name to HealthWell Solutions (HWS), as of May 1, 2017. HWS also launched a new company website and introduced an updated corporate identity for its parent company, HealthWell Corporation.

HealthWell Solutions, a division of HealthWell Corporation, has changed its name to reflect its expertise in driving population health through evidence-based approaches to employers, benefit consultants, hospital systems, and healthcare organizations throughout the country. The new name reflects the growth of the organization which now includes:

  • An Expanded Network of Nationwide Healthcare Professionals including
    • Biometric Screeners
    • Health Coaches
    • Registered Dietitians
    • Fitness Trainers
    • Emotional Health Professionals
  • Validated, Next-generation Tools
    • Wellness portal
    • Wellbeing assessment and resilience tool
    • Unique financial wellness tool
    • Telemedicine Mobile App
  • Outcomes and Reporting
    • Claims Analytics Platform
    • Predictive Risk Modeling
    • Customized Reporting Options   

“The past 8 years have laid the groundwork for our new, rebranded company focusing on proven health management solutions,” said Stewart Levy, HWS Founder, CEO. “Our new company will continue the legacy we have established with our clients including flexibility and customization of our programs, and excellence in and customer service.”


This rebranding also reflects HealthWell Solutions’ focus on well-being. In addition to its first-class preventive services, HWS has a new set of tools to address the growing needs of employee’s including sleep, stress financial well-being, and emotional health.


“We will now be positioned to scale for a higher volume as well as bring on much larger accounts through RFP Development Strategies, a Data Management Infrastructure, products, and platforms as well as licensing products from partners, and so much more,” said Mark Mulray, Vice President, Operations. “We are very much looking forward to our expanded offerings and to the next stage of growth of the company. We are well positioned to offer something that no one else in the  industry is currently doing.”


About HealthWell Solutions


HealthWell Solutions is a population health management company which develops and manages customized solutions for a variety of employers and healthcare organizations. We offer proven, evidence-based products and services that integrate with each clients’ existing resources to provide meaningful outcomes and help people live better lives. Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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