Health Care Costs Reduction for National Employer


Industry: Transportation

Locations Serviced: 52 locations in 20 states

Client Size: 8,300 employees


The previous wellness vendor left the employer client with a myriad of issues including poor customer service, lack of participation, and screening program issues (i.e. long lines, privacy issues, and equipment malfunctions). Poor employee communications led to a staggering 9,000 customer service calls regarding program logistics and incentive management.


A new partnership was formed with HealthWell Solutions to implement a comprehensive employee wellness program.


  • 80% participation on wellness program
  • Significant reduction in customer service calls from 9000 to 100
  • Demonstrated 25% decrease in high cholesterol and 15% decrease in blood pressure through real-time HRA health education
  • Customer service ratings of 4.3 / 5
  • The wellness program lead to higher compliance rates and lower cost trend for those with chronic conditions