Consulting to Support Medical Fitness Centers


Industry: Medical Fitness Center Operations

Services Offered: Consulting and Licensing Wellbeing Solutions

Client Size: 20,000 members


Our client had four successful medical fitness centers in a large metro area in the Midwest. While it had over 20,000 members it wanted to support the healthcare needs of employer and provider groups in the community. It hired wellness coaches, personal trainers, a dietician but needed expertise in developing employer contracts, wellbeing solutions and staff training to implement its’ new employer business model.


The HealthWell team has decades of experience in Corporate Wellbeingand understands the business of running a successful wellness company.  

  • Consulting services including a business plan, market assessment, marketing materials, pricing model, legal requirements, regulatory and licensure specifications
  • Training to enable staff at the centers to become certified as a medical fitness facility and perform services such as biometric screening
  • Licensing our assessment and wellness portal to help them manage employee health


  • They are contracting with a large school system of 4,000 employees
  • New business contracts with employer programming at their centers and the employer locations
  • They have now established themselves as a local wellness organization in their community