Musculoskeletal Health & Ergonomics

Musculoskeletal disorders account for nearly 70 million physician visits each year in the United States. This leads to an estimated economic burden of $45 to $54 billion lost due to workers compensation, lost productivity, and lost wages alone.

HealthWell Solutions offers a full suite of services to protect the musculoskeletal health of your population. We offer a comprehensive and customizable solutions ranging from onsite education and injury prevention programming to occupational health and on demand physical therapy.

Education and Injury Prevention

Ergonomic Assessments

  • Can be performed 1:1 or in a group educational setting
  • A full report on all the ergonomic health risks at your workplace
  • Improve workplace productivity and morale
  • Lower long-term healthcare costs associated with musculoskeletal disease


Chair Clinics & Safe Lifting

  • Employees learn the correct workstation setup that works best for their body type
  • Reduce nagging aches and pains that can lead to long term injuries and lost work
  • Employees learn proper lifting techniques for a range of scenarios
  • Patient handling
  • Packages/Line Work
  • Improves body mechanics
  • Reduces unnecessary injuries due to excessive force


Chair Massage 

  • Licensed and insured massage therapists
  • Improves concentration levels
  • Decreases anxiety & relaxes overused muscles


Stretching Workshops

  • Customized for all job types/functions and industries
  • Designed to be informative, fun, and easy to learn
  • Reduce workplace injuries
  • Improve engagement and resilience

Pre-Employment and Return to Work


  • Job Design/Demands Analysis
  • Assess your workplace risk profile for musculoskeletal  injury.
  • Design job roles and functions in an ergonomically safe manner
  • Root Cause Analyses
  • Learn the most prevalent workplace injuries
  • Design strategies to correct them


Functional Capacity Evaluations

  • Includes a full Job Tasks Analysis
  • Ensures employees meet the minimum physical demands of the essential job functions
  • Decreases lost work time
  • Speeds up and streamlines the hiring process


Functional Movement Screenings

  • Identify gaps in mobility that can lead to pain and increased risk for injuries
  • Uncover the body’s strengths, weaknesses and asymmetries
  • Helps employees understand healthy and safe movement patterns
  • Reduces risk for chronic pain associated with incorrect postures and body movements

Onsite Therapy 

  • Provides job function solutions to help employees return to work sooner
  • Increases employee engagement
  • Reduces the risk of re-injury

Onsite and Virtual Services

Injury Prevention & Treatment Portal 

  • Address muscular discomfort at early stages


Workers Compensation & Rehabilitation 

On-demand Physical Therapy