Health Risk Assessments

Assessing the likelihood that your employee population will develop chronic, preventable diseases declining productivity and presenteeism and higher healthcare costs has become a major concern for employers. Everyone is unique and requires personalized assessments based on the best medical evidence. Our evidence-based HRAs are driven by powerful, patented technology that educated individuals and population health organizations on how risk factors impact their health. The HRAs provide attention to risk factors that can be improved by lifestyle changes. It also provides intervention insight and measurement for population health management. 

·         Assess chronic, preventable diseases 

·         Personalized assessments based on the best medical evidence 

·         Powerful, patented technology for evidence-based HRAs 

·         Attention to risk factors that can be improved by lifestyle changes 

·         Provides intervention insight 


The Real Time HRA Review Process coupled with the assessment provides a 1 on 1, in person review of the assessment onsite. This helps the individual understand their risk factors and assess their lifestyle. 

·         1 on 1 in person review at biometric screening

·         Understand risk factors and assess lifestyle 

·         Motivated to change behaviors 

·         Immediate intervention 

·         Helps participant envision care plan for the future