Emotional Wellbeing and Stress Management Tools

Almost half (43%) of American adults report that they experience stress at work.1 Workplace stress accounts for $125 to $190 billion in annual healthcare expenses annually.2 In addition, the estimated hidden cost of stress due to absenteeism, productivity loss, etc. to US companies is up to 300 billion annually.3 For this reason, it should be top priority for employers to reduce stress in the workplace1; adding emotional wellbeing stress management solutions must be a priority.

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Proven Stress and Wellbeing Solutions 

Heart Rhythm Training

HealthWell Solutions offers a proprietary scientifically backed stress management solution. It has been shown that relaxation alone is not enough to manage stress:

  • Daily conflicts, challenges, and stressors are difficult to manage. Emotional intelligence is key to improving physiology, health, mental clarity, and performance.
  • Heart Rhythms (Heart Rate Variability) provides a measurable window to monitor and manage resilience and stress through biofeedback.
  • Coherence is an achievable physiological state linked to optimal health and performance. In this state, thoughts and emotions are balanced, resulting in ease and inner harmony.


Our emotional wellbeing stress management solutions are built on the principle that coherence can be trained and is linked to optimal health and performance.

We offer biofeedback apps and devices, onsite workshops, and “Train the Trainer” coaching.


Emotional Health and Wellbeing Assessment

Current wellness screenings provide HRAs that may not address mental health; they typically miss many individuals at risk for mental health issues and do not effectively divert them into appropriate or available interventions.

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Our Emotional Wellbeing Assessment tool fills this gap by assessing individuals’ risk of mental health characteristics. Poor mental health has been shown to have a negative impact on health and workplace effectiveness criteria, such as:

  • Physical Health
  • Productivity
  • Absenteeism
  • Presenteeism


The three distinct areas of mental wellbeing that have an impact on health and workplace effectiveness are Life Satisfaction, Emotional Health, and Resilience.

The Emotional Wellbeing solution complements the Health Risk Assessment (HRA) and wellness programming to support Health Coaching and EAP Programs. The assessment is scientifically-validated and helps drive targeted emotional well-being and stress management intervention to support employee growth and resilience.


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