Wellness Portal

HealthWell Solutions offers a highly customizable employee wellness portal which is an interactive and robust tool designed to engage users and provide a platform for tracking wellness initiatives. It is built on a modular technology platform which allows incorporation of existing tools, data sources and other resources from carriers or third-party vendors.

customized employee wellness portalOur portal drives user engagementComprehensive reporting that is HIPAA compliant

The HealthWell Solutions team will manage or teach our clients how to incorporate your program’s branding and in-depth customization including colors, content, and layout.


Our customized employee wellness portal features a variety of tools:

Integrates Fitness device/app
Health Coaching Interaction
Fitness & Nutrition Planner
Health Metrics Tracker
Health Risk Assessments
Recipes & Grocery Lists
Incentive Tracking
Worksite Challenges

Our Smartphone app features all of the portal programs including onsite event sign-ups and the interactive weight tracker, ‘My Scale.’ The mobile app is available on both Android and iOS.

Our interactive fitness and nutrition planner is a comprehensive tool that allows users to monitor the fitness statistics and track progress toward living a healthier life.

  • Workouts
  • Food intake
  • Weight loss goals
Personalized fitness & nutrition dashboard

The exercise panel stores a detailed log of your workouts from exercise type to length of workout and even reps and sets. On the nutrition tab, you can build meal plans for yourself for every meal of the day. The tracking reports allow you to view a summary of your daily calorie consumption versus the calories you expended through exercise.

Wellness Challenges

We have 15 built in challenges which are typically 8-12 weeks in duration and encourage participants to:

  • Maintain daily healthy habits
  • Increase physical activity
  • Boost healthy eating


The HealthWell Solutions team can create a dynamic and engaging employee wellness challenge customized for your organization. Our new gamification technology makes challenges easy for both administrators and participants!

The Wellness Toolbox gives users the ability to easily access, view, and download individual wellness documents, forms and videos. The toolbox is a hub on the customized employee wellness portal for companies to provide and store materials specific to their wellness program and even users individually!

The Device and Application integration platform allows participants to easily link the most popular apps and devices to their wellness portal account.  Partners today include a selection of best-in-class devices and mobile apps such as Fitbit, Garmin, Jawbone, My Fitness Pal, Runkeeper, Apple, Google Fit, and more.

Tracking includes activities such as:

  • Walking
  • Heart rate
  • Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Weight, and more…
Devices_App Integration2 800x400

This allows for our gaming system to enhance your corporate wellness challenges. Through our open engagement application programmer interface (API), third party partner data is integrated automatically once a participant elects to sync accounts. The seamless integration provides users a simple consumer experience with expanded choices, making tracking their fitness and nutrition goals much simpler. Experiences such as this make our customized employee wellness portal a major asset in any health program.

The Learning Series is a fantastic way to educate and inform your employees on key topics which affect their health. Each series is split into modules which can either be self-paced or completed in coordination with a health coach.

Learning Series

Each Learning Series consists of a pre- and post-module survey, intended to assess readiness to change in an individual. In addition, each Learning Series consists of six (6) modules and each module includes a video and quiz.

We have numerous topics ready to deploy and employers can also upload and leverage their own video or educational content which can be tracked.