COVID Services

Healthwell Solutions offers a variety of COVID services that will work to keep your employees safe.

We can customize solutions that are unique to your company’s needs. It is critical that employers who are having their employees return to the workplace understand the importance of contact tracing, symptom tracking, vaccine validating and COVID testing, in case of any potential COVID exposures.

Our Employer COVID software includes tracking based on company defined compliance. We will work with you to provide the perfect solution to ensure health and wellbeing of your staff, and base reporting on company needs.

Track vaccination status

    • Quickly and easily track your employees’ vaccination records
    • Ability to add vaccinations offered by onsite or by third party providers
    • Automated reminders for past due vaccinations, 2nd doses, and boosters
    • Electronic Immunization Record System
    • Verify vaccination status through QR code or NFC Tags
Real-time testing Services

    • Employees can upload weekly test results
    • Nationwide coverage for onsite, virtual, and telehealth Covid-19 testing
    • Testing options available: PCR (lab based and rapid onsite), Antigen testing (Professional CLIA-waived or OTC home kits), Antibodies (lab based or rapid onsite)
    • New- Telehealth testing available to comply with OSHA  Emergency Temporary Standard
    • Our virtual-testing service enables Employees to use OTC Home-Kits and still comply with OSHA guidelineS
    • Proctor Services options
      • Onsite staff at worksite
      • Tele proctor live session to observe and document testing results
      • Group and One-on-one testing
      • Online scheduling with emails and sms reminders
      • Convenient access for employees
    • Collect electronic payment from Employees for a covid-19 cost-sharing strategy



Temperature and Symptom Checks

    • Temperature log can be complemented with image upload for verification.
      • Temperature Kiosks- Our Infrared Temperature Kiosks are a great way to quickly determine if your employees are presenting to the workplace with a fever. Kiosks can be fully integrated with our software and have built in facial recognition and mask detection!
        • IR Thermal Imaging
          • Fast and accurate facial recognition
          • Fully integrated with Employer Covid Symptom Checker
          • 2 models: 8″ and 19″ device
          • 0.3°C temperature accuracy
          • Mask detection
          • Visitor pass/ticket printer integration
          • Time keeping functionality
          • Non-compliance real time alerts
          • Automated email/sms notifications
      • Symptom Checker- Take precautionary safety steps to screen and limit the threat of potential exposure.

Nurse Case

  • Registered Nurses provide most up-to-date CDC recommendations
  • Self-scheduling tool for same day Telehealth consultation
  • Covid-19 testing, guidance, and results’ interpretation
  • Co-workers exposure investigation and contact tracing assures safety for your employees


Visitor Management System

    • Non-contact identity verification and symptom tracking
      • Visitors can upload their ID to platform. Information is displayed in real-time to security office.
    • Real time reporting
      • Data integrates with platform for real time reporting.
    • Active Contact tracing
      • Early identification of potential exposures through automated visitor follow-up.
    • Post-Exposure Visitor Outreach
      • Easily identify and notify visitors if they have been exposed to a confirmed case during their visit to your facility.
Administrative Access/Dashboard

Realtime reporting in platform with administrative dashboards for HR. Integration of testing results from labs and from real time test results taken by employees and HWS staff.