HWS Partnering with Dr. Johns Medical Group

HealthWell Solutions is proud to be a part of the Dr. John’s Medical Solutions health screening booth (#1044) in the Landstar Health and Wellness Pavilion at the Great American Trucking Show which will be held in Dallas from August 24-26th! The conference is expecting over 50,000 attendees including exhibitors, major trucking companies, and Truck Stop Organizations.  Dr. John’s will be providing a variety of screenings for diabetes, asthma, blood pressure, musculoskeletal injuries, and more at Health and Wellness Pavilion.


HealthWell Solutions will be providing several screening procedures at the booth. They will also be partnering with Salus Telehealth for both a telemedicine mobile app and the development of onsite clinics to support driver health.


HealthWell Solutions is pleased to be a strategic partner for Dr. Johns. It is the perfect opportunity to shine a spotlight on the health of truck drivers, who are spending most of their time on the road. In the US, nearly 1 out of 15 people are working in the trucking industry and there are over 3.5 million professional truck drivers in the United States, according to the estimates by the American Trucking associations.  The total number of people employed in the industry, including those in positions that do not entail driving, exceeds 8.7 million.


According to the 2016 Gallup-Sharecare Report, transportation workers show the highest prevalence of diabetes (10.3 %) within the working group (6.9 %) and are also at greatest risk of being diagnosed with diabetes in the future due to several key risk factors like obesity, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, and poor eating habits. For obese and especially male drivers, there is high-risk in developing Sleep Apnea, which is one of the leading causes of driver accidents on the road.


Contact Health Well Solutions (HWS) for more information on our driver’s health and wellness programs (https://healthwellcorp.com).  Contact Dr. John’s for information about sleep disorders management and family acute care telehealth (www.docjmd.com)


About HealthWell Solutions HealthWell Solutions is a population health management company which develops and manages customized solutions for a variety of employers and healthcare organizations. We offer proven, evidence-based products and services that integrate with each clients’ existing resources to provide meaningful outcomes and help people live better lives.

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About Dr. John’s Medical Solutions Dr. John’s Medical Solutions is a flexible cost mitigation medical services company and a proud supporter of the St. Christopher Truckers Development & Relief Fund. Dr. John’s Medical Solutions provides individual and bundled health care services 24/7. These include sleep apnea management and telehealth for employers, workers, and their families anywhere in the US!