HealthWell Solutions Announces Strategic Partnership With Angiology Corporation of America in Light of Heart Health Month

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HealthWell Solutions has announced a strategic partnership with AngioScreen® to provide employers with the most comprehensive cardiovascular screening programs proven to identify indviduals with potential for strokes or heart attacks. The companies will collaborate to provide personalized risk assessment and biometric results reviewed with employees immediately through their unique platforms and technology.

carotid artery screening“This partnership will enable us to expand our population health initiatives to our clients especially hospital systems, municipalities, tranansportation and manufacturing clients who have potentially high CV risk employee populations” said Stewart Levy, President and CEO of HealthWell Solutions. “Traditional screening programs do not detect disease until it is too late. The fact that roughly 2/3 of cardiovascular disease deaths occur without warnings proves there is a need for convenient access to tools that can provide early detection and to then educate employees immediately to go to their physician for further evaluation.  We utilize an evidence-based,  predictive risk tool with biometrics and most importantly, review the results with the employee during the event”.


Known for their innovative technology that provides information about heart rhythm, neck and leg arteries, blood pressure and fitness, AngioScreen® has a team of experienced healthcare professionals who identify risk factors for heart attack and stroke. More importantly Angioscreen® is licensed to leading hospitals systems that can provide their screenigns with HealthWell Solutions.


carotid artery screening

“The mission of the AngioScreen® program is to provide participants with knowledge about their circulation and risk factors for heart attack and stroke. Allowing participants to see pictures of their arteries motivates individuals to become proactive about their health. Knowledge brings power – The power to change” said Rhonda Small, CEO of Angiology Corporation of America.

Employers and benefits consultants can schedule an AngioScreen® event by contacting HealthWell Solutions or by visiting Angiology Corporation of America.


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