Covid Safety and Employee Wellbeing

Covid Safety and Employee Wellbeing

 What Employers Should Consider to Keep Employees Healthy

While the Presidential OSHA mandate for vaccination and testing was overruled1, the pandemic is still a major health concern for employers. The responsibility is now back to employers to make critical employee safety decisions. Leaders need to assess their culture, risk management, work environment, and employee wellbeing while trying to navigate ever changing CDC and local guidelines.

A November poll of 543 companies by the consulting firm Willis Towers Watson found that 57 percent either required or planned to require Covid vaccines, including 32 percent that would do so only if OSHA’s rule took effect.Many employers will continue their own more restrictive mandates to support their employee safety. Furthermore, some states and jurisdictions (NY and Illinois3) have decided to enact local measures impacting employer’s decisions on Covid vaccination and testing policies.

Employee Covid 2022 Strategies

Now is the time for employers to provide Covid policy communications, available resources and focus their attention to employee physical and mental well- being.


As a leading provider of COVID safety and evidence-based wellness solutions, HealthWell Solutions recommends a few strategies for all employers regardless of size, location, industry, or vaccination status:

  1. Track baseline vaccination status to manage booster shots and provide additional resources for safety for their unvaccinated employees.
  2. Make test kits available onsite for employees or mailed to homes.
  3. Consider tele-proctor service to validate required onsite meetings.
  4. Promote telehealth and case management for positive cases with real-time messaging (contact tracing) to all employees exposed.
  5. Monitor and update CDC, local and state laws regarding testing requirements and vaccination documentation.
  6. Consider using a platform to document visitors, contractors and unvaccinated employees to communicate Covid safety guidelines and potential exposures.
  7. Track all required or recommended employee vaccinations including Influenza, Tdap, Hep C, shingles, and more!
  8. Focus on physical and emotional health to enhance employee wellbeing, productivity, and prevent future medical claims.

Safe Meetings and Conferences

There is a great need to return to normalcy and many employers are planning meetings onsite again or having their employees attend conferences.


HealthWell Solutions is recommending the following strategies for safe onsite meetings:

  1. Utilize a platform to manage event communications and alert notifications
  2. Document Covid test results and vaccination status before the meeting
  3. Track daily symptoms and temperature checks onsite
  4. Contract with professional staff for real-time onsite PCR / Antigen tests
  5. Identify those who have been cleared to enter through app or wristband
  6. Contact tracing after the event to identify potential positive Covid cases

The Next Pandemic – Employee Wellness

Now is also the time to refocus on employee physical health and emotional well- being. Many employees have neglected their mind, body, and spirit to focus on their families and loved ones. Catastrophic medical claims are on the horizon for self-insured employers due to delaying employee health initiatives.

Employers can now utilize their Covid safety and communication platform or their own wellness portal with a focus on wellness and tracking other important immunizations

  • Reminders and incentives for annual medical exams
  • Age-appropriate preventive screenings
  • Remote and onsite programs including workshops on nutrition and fitness
  • Team challenges to combat the feeling of isolation in working remote.
  • Tools for wellbeing including apps and resources for stress and resilience
  • Encourage Health Coaching and EAP program utilization

 HealthWell Solutions is a health management company that provides customized corporate health and wellness solutions to drive successful health outcomes.