Healthcare World Full of Smart Consumers

HealthCare 3.0 is a vision where the population is full of smart consumers shopping for their healthcare. Making a small digression into the world wide web, it´s all about creating “finding” engines instead of “search” engines. Smart consumers will only be able to shop smart if they know what to shop for. So, this new healthcare “shopping” experience of the consumer/patient won´t be like shopping in a jungle, but much more in a WholeFoods – transparency in price and quality is a big part of it.

Clearly, the US Health System is going through a transition, from HealthCare 1.0 an uncoordinated health system to HealthCare 2.0 a coordinated seamless health system standing for outcome accountable care to the near future HealthCare 3.0 a community integrated healthcare where the population’s health and wellbeing are standing in the focus. 1

Even though all this transformation is in progress, the United States spends nearly $3.0 trillion in annual healthcare spending – almost twice as much as the rest of the world, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services! Americans have shorter lifespans and show fare worse rates in many health indicators including obesity and diabetes, adolescent pregnancy, drug abuse-related mortality, vaccination rates and injuries just to name a few. 2

How do we fight against lacks in our healthcare system?

Transparency is one step to lower health care costs, but it´s clearly not the only one. Moreover, there has to be a more interactive and better understanding of patient behavior and values. Lifestyle choices have to be influenced and a healthier behavior encouraged. 4

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