Telemedicine and Digital Health Solutions

HealthWell Solutions offers innovative telemedicine solutions to support acute care, specialty care, wellness, occupational health and care coordination. We are available to consult and deploy telemedicine solutions for hospitals, Integrated Delivery Networks (IDN), and employers as well as a broad spectrum of retail locations. We integrate various digital health applications to support comprehensive connected care platforms for all types of clients, and provide telemedicine digital health connected care.

telehealth clinic Telemedicine solution, diagnosis in real-time

Telemedicine Onsite “Virtual”Clinics and Mobile Cart Systems

The advantages of telemedicine digital health connected care:

  • Instruments create digital image for real-time diagnosis
  • Support specialty and care coordination
  • EHR integration
  • Full reimbursement from payers
  • Small space requirement
  • Staffed with nurse or med tech
  • High res – 3D image for quality patient interaction
  • Tilt zoom camera with laptop
  • Scheduling software for efficient staffing

Benefits of Telemedicine vs. Traditional Onsite Clinic:

  • 50% less expensive for build out costs
  • Efficient – real-time appointments for clinicians
  • Primary and Specialty care
  • Wellness and Occupational Health Opportunities
  • Supports injury and urgent care triage
  • EHR integration of medical records
  • Patients prefer vs. onsite clinic model

Telemedicine Mobile App

Apps and integrated mobile solutions provide the roadmap for the health solutions of the future:

  • Access to convenient, on-demand primary care physician services with ability to choose the health professionals
  • Benefit of inviting own doctors to join the physician network
  • Built on best-in-class technology with superior streaming abilities
  • Proprietary platform is highly customizable and can be co-branded
  • Designed to increase access to primary care and improve outcomes and provided connected care
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