Workstation Ergonomic Assessments & Chair Clinics

Can be performed 1:1 or in a group educational setting

Employees learn the correct workstation setup that works best for their body type


Reduce nagging aches and pains that can lead to long term injuries and lost work

Improve workplace productivity and morale

Lower long-term healthcare costs associated with musculoskeletal disease


Chair Massage

Licensed and insured massage therapists

Professional massage chairs

Online Scheduling System


Improves concentration levels

Decreases anxiety & relaxes overused muscles

Increases energy levels & circulation


Safe Lifting

Employees learn proper lifting techniques for a range of scenarios

Patient handling

Packages/Line Work


Improves body mechanics

Reduces unnecessary injuries due to excessive force


Stretching Workshops

Customized for all job types/functions and industries

Designed to be informative, fun, and easy to learn


Reduce workplace injuries

Improve engagement and resilience


Job Design/Demands Analysis

      Assess your workplace risk profile for musculoskeletal  injury.

      Design job roles and functions in an ergonomically safe manner

Workplace Ergonomic Assessment

                A full report on all the ergonomic health risks at your workplace

Root Cause Analyses

     Learn the most prevalent workplace injuries

     Design strategies to correct them

          Functional Capacity Evaluations

Includes a full Job Tasks Analysis

Ensures employees meet the minimum physical demands of the essential job functions


Decreases lost work time

Speeds up and streamlines the hiring process

Functional Movement Screenings

Identify gaps in mobility that can lead to pain and increased risk for injuries

Uncover the body’s strengths, weaknesses and asymmetries


Helps employees understand healthy and safe movement patterns

Reduces risk for chronic pain associated with incorrect postures and body movements

Functional Capacity Evaluations

Onsite Therapy


Job Design/Demands Analysis

Workplace Ergonomic Assessment

Root Cause Analyses