Data Analytics

HealthWell Solutions offers a data analytics platform that utilizes a next generation algorithm to optimize your programs.  A multitude of health and wellness data flows into an intuitive and interactive dashboard giving a 360-degree view of employee health. The data warehouse is built with individual level detail that allows for dynamic views across your population segments to deliver meaningful insights such as the identification of health problem areas, the ability to implement targeted wellness programs, and the quantification of savings and return on investment from wellness initiatives.
We pull data from claims, pharmacy, biometric and HRA results, and other sources to deliver advanced business intelligence on a next generation executive dashboard. This enables us to make informed real-time decisions on plan design and utilize predictive analytics to save on future costs. Easily visualize where your greatest costs are originating and calculate ROI of your programs.

Integrated Data Analytic Tool Features









Meaningful views highlight actionable and insightful metrics; platform can also be easily customized to your requirements.











Several views showed that the client’s programs have been effective at reducing risk for employees who were initially high risk at the start of the program.



The executive dashboard shows gaps in care for several different disease states. Reporting is structured to optimize programming and help employers design incentives which will impact those who need it most.










Data inputs are stored on the platform at the individual level, therefore allowing any sub-population to be identified and analyzed.